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Managing Conflict (Credit: 2 or 3 hours)

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ECTS 4 or 5


Old Testament Biblical Theology takes each of the main doctrines of the Bible and traces its development book by book in the Old Testament. It deals with what the Old Testament teaches about God, creation, man, sin, the Messiah, revelation, inspiration, angels, Satan, the various testaments and covenants, judgment, and life after death. It thus provides a wealth of material for preaching or teaching from the Old Testament. Its purpose is to bring the student into a more complete knowledge of the fundamental doctrines of God, creation, man, sin, revelation, inspiration, and the testament, or covenant, which is the basis upon which the others are built.

Mode of Study

Lecture Video (in progress) Student interaction Professor of Record Interaction Hands on


100 objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Project Collateral Reading Assignment (for 3 (USA) credit courses Student Learning Requirement Passmark 70% Course Objectives Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. List many of the names of God and describe the characteristics or attributes of God which each conveys. 2. Explain how each name of God adds something to the revelation of His person and work. 3. Understand how man came into being and why he is what he is. 4. Choose from among several theories of creation a satisfactory biblical position and discuss the theories examined. 5. Identify basic sociological and personal characteristics of mankind and relate them to the teachings of Scripture. 6. Explain the doctrine of the Messiah as it applies to His person and work. 7. Describe the doctrine of the covenant, or testament, made between God and fallen man. 8. Appreciate how God’s love is perfectly displayed in the testament and fulfilled by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 9. Apply to your life and ministry principles of biblical theology that will help you know and serve God better.


You will use Old Testament Biblical Theology by John Phillipps with the textbook it was written to accompany: The Theology of the Older Testament by J. Barton Payne. The Holy Bible is also required. Bible quotations in the Study Guide are from the English Standard Version (ESV) unless otherwise noted. Some assignments require you to access the Global University Library website or other academic sources. Instructions for accessing the Library website are provided in the Undergraduate Writing Assignment Guidelines (UWAG) in the Essential Course Materials. The Global University Undergraduate Form and Style Guide defines the form, style, and documentation system for completing undergraduate writing assignments. The guide can be downloaded for free from A print version may be ordered from your enrollment office. * The resources information is may change when courses are revised and updated. The study guide resource information will always be the correct information.



MQF Level 6 Qualification

230 ECTS Credits


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90 - 92
87 - 89 83 - 86
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80 - 82 77 - 76 73 - 76
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70 - 72 67 - 69 63 - 66 60 - 62
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