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Paul’s Salvation Letters: Galatians and Romans (Credit: 2–3 hours)

Average equivalent

ECTS 4 or 5


Paul’s Salvation Letters: Galatians and Romans gives the student a deep appreciation of the apostle Paul. In the midst of church planting, he explains the gospel, confronts false teachers, distinguishes between law and grace, and shows how the gospel is rooted in Old Testament Scripture. His systematic explanation of the gospel to the Romans gives the student insight into the major doctrines of sin, salvation, and sanctification. The student also learns how union with Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit enable him or her to mature spiritually and live victoriously.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. Discuss key events in the life and ministry of the apostle Paul, including his roles as apostle, missionary, theologian and servant of Jesus Christ. 2. Identify the background issues that prompted the letter to the Galatian church, Paul’s defense, arguments, appeals, and analogies he makes. 3. Summarize Paul’s application of the gospel in Galatians, including his teaching on living in the power of the Spirit that supersedes living under the Law. 4. Identify Paul’s purpose for writing the Book of Romans, the key concepts found in Romans, and explore the similarities between Paul’s letters to the Galatians and Romans. 5. Describe Paul’s development of the gospel message involving humankind’s need of a Savior and God’s provision of a Savior in his letter to the Romans. 6. Recount God’s shaping process and the Holy Spirit’s empowering of the believer taught in Romans. 7. Analyze Paul’s discourse on Israel’s election, unbelief, and restoration, and relate this discourse to his primary ministry to Gentiles. 8. Describe Paul’s practical application of his teaching with respect to living the Christian life, and apply the teaching to your own cultural context and life. 9. Convey to others, in your present and future preaching/teaching ministry, Paul’s teaching of the gospel message from Galatians and Romans.

Mode of Study

Lecture Video (in progress) Student interaction Professor of Record Interaction Hands on


100 objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Project Collateral Reading Assignment (for 3 (USA) credit courses Student Learning Requirement Passmark 70%

Grading Rubric



MQF Level 6 Qualification

230 ECTS Credits

97-100 A+ 93-96 A
90-92 A-
87-89 B+ 83-86 B
80-82 B- 77-76 C+ 73-76 C
70-72 C- 67-69 D+ 63-66 D 60-62 C
0-59 F
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